0 to 50+ remote dev projects in 25ish weeks by people learning via FCC!

So, it turns out the kind of people who join FCC are prolific learners who love to dive in and build stuff. :smile:

Seeing these projects (and the people working on them) evolve over these past months has been such an honour and joy. The friendliness, helpfulness and and resourcefulness of the people within this ecosystem is frankly something I haven’t witnessed to this extent elsewhere. I’m not surprised so many people are getting jobs.

Anyways, it didn’t seem right for these projects not to be assembled and showcased together in one place, so we put them together in a github README.

We’re still adding projects we missed and new ones are coming in every week, so feel free to pop in anytime.

You can see the complete list here.


This is so cool!!! I actually just really took the time to read the Get Job Ready guide that P1xt wrote and saw you mentioned in it regarding these groups. Really get timing because when I saw the mention, I wasnt quite sure all what it would involve…and now I just wanna tear through my YDKJS books so that I can get to the point where I can get involved in one of these projects too. :smiley:

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haha yes! Best of luck exploring the YDKJS books! :slight_smile:

So nice to see yourself named on a project, thanks for all!