1 assignment left, Still feel like I know nothing

So I’ve done 4 of the 5 projects from the Responsive Web Design Certification, and still feel like I know absolutely nothing.

I’ve have to google damn near everything at every turn, even things that are done in more than one of the projects.

CSS might as well still be hieroglyphics, html is much easier for me, with me having to rely on google for 99% of the answers.

How can I possibly accept a certificate for responsive web design when I feel so useless?

Is it normal to have this much of an issue?

Do I need to just go back and redo all of the course material 20 or 30 times to get a better understanding?

Should I just move on to the 2nd certificate ( Javascript Algorithms And Data Structures Certification) hoping to get further understanding before going back to CSS?

Any thoughts, or suggestions would be most appreciated.

You can move on to JavaScript at this point, or you can take some time to do a couple personal projects to help cement your knowledge. However, please keep in mind that being able to search Google and find your answer is one of the many skills of being a web developer. So do not think that needing to search Google and also being able to find what you are looking for are somehow a bad thing.

You will have more projects to do at the end of the next certificate and those will help you cement some of your knowledge. With time a lot of the things that you use over and over should start to be committed to memory. But you will still need to use your Google-fu often. There is simply too much to remember.


It will feel like that at first, but don’t worry too much! What matters is that you’re finishing those projects and staying committed, you’ll slowly start realizing that a lot more has stuck than you thought. And on the Googling topic, most professional developers google on a daily basis. We’re only human and can’t be expected to remember 50,000 commands off the top of our heads.

The projects are good, but consider starting something small as a side project, maybe add to it as you learn more of the curriculum.

Give yourself a pat on the back for getting this far and be proud.