1 on 1 tutoring or Virtual tutoring for beginners who can help me

I’m Brand New. Need help choosing a career path for this tech world

If you’re just starting, then deciding a career path this early is not advised.

I would suggest this roadmap :
1 - explore your interests ( includes googling what brought you here, reading about it on
Quora, medium articles, youtube, etc.
2 - Once you are done with that, choose a programming language.
I would suggest Python - easier to learn and get started.

Reply if you want any other help!

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Thanks for your feedback. I see these same classes on Udemy also. I really just want something related to health , medical or teaching

Also which one do you think is easier between coding and web developer or project management

I agree with @jaswindersbm in that python is easier to learn, but I would not recommend it to start with.

Instead, I would recommend you to start with JavaScript. This language is full stack, which means it allows you to build the back end (NodeJS and Express), the front end (angular, vue, react, ember, etc.) and mobile apps (React Native, Apache Cordova or NativeScript).

Building the entire stack of a project would help you define what do you want to become: a full stack (just with JavaScript you’ll be full stack), back end, front end or mobile developer.

I hope it helps :slight_smile:,



Thx for the feedback . I will consider.

What is tutoring. I mean is it a application to learn

a tutor is someone that help you through hard materials, for school
or other subject

tutoring can refer both to being tutored and doing the tutoring