#1 Project - Appreciate Feedback

I made the whole coding again:
https://codepen.io/Ceci0912/pen/LYpdbgp, hope it gets better!

Hi Starman!

The test say that you forget to add an id="tribute_link" to one of your <a> tag :slight_smile: (to pass the #7)

Here it goes again! https://codepen.io/Ceci0912/pen/LYpdbgp

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:sunglasses: completed !

What do you think about this challenge ?
What was your most difficult part ?

Have a nice day <3

Just a little tip about using Codepen.
You don’t need <body></body> tags, as CodePen automatically adds those to your HTML block. Additionally, you shouldn’t use <head></head> tags. Anything that would go in that section can be entered by clicking the gear above your HTML editor and pasting the content into Stuff for <head>.

Thanks a lot nhcarrigan!

I really liked, the hardest part was to make the page responsive

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Your page looks good @macondo78. I noticed the improvement. Some things you may want to revisit;

  • Maybe add some padding to the sides. Text butts against the left and right sides. It’s not a good user experience (UX).
  • Pay attention to embed instructions when using a font. For instance to embed Permanent Marker the instructions say the value is 'Permanent Marker', cursive
    • Leaving off the fallback font will not render your page the way you’d like if the font doesn’t load. Leaving off the quotes and ignoring case means some browsers may not load the font. Some browsers are forgiving, some are not. Also, sans-serif has a hyphen.
    • You defined font-family: 'Montserrat', sans-serif; in the body declaration. You repeat it a few times in other declarations.
    • Remember the DRY (Do no Repeat Yourself) principle.

Thank you very much for the feedback! I fixed it:

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