#1 Project - Aprreciate Feedback!

Hi, I made my first project, https://codepen.io/Ceci0912/pen/GRpOjmj, thanks for the feedback!

Hey Cecilia,

For this one, I’d encourage you to revisit the section on web accessibility, specifically in relation to your link:

    <p>You can find more information
        <a target="_blank" href=https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Bowie>here

Using something like here makes it difficult for people using screen readers to understand the context of the link. You could change this to something like <a href="#">learn more about David Bowie</a>.

@macondo78, your page looks okay but some things to revisit;

  • The background header image throws off the title and tribute info id's so that they’re below the image and they run into the image.
    • The background header image doesn’t scale on smaller screens so your page isn’t responsive.
  • Try centering the caption under the image for better balance
  • There’s a stray anchor tag right before the anchor element for your tribute link.

Thanks a lot! I took the header image off, but I’ll keep on practicing: