10 major freeCodeCamp improvements that are live now

This is a bug. Only the projects are required, but the claim button isn’t working right now.

The curriculum will always be growing and improving as long as FCC is alive. Some lessons will turn out to be less helpful than hoped and need some changes, and there will always be the opportunity for new lessons and even new categories to be added. There are languages and frameworks. There are tools and techniques. There are technical skills and soft skills. There’s always more to learn.

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Oh, I think I have a better understanding now. Of course, technology evolves every day and one needs to be up to date. Thanks for clearing me up.
I saw in one of the comments from Quincy about launching official next week after the UI is cleaned up?

I feel you on that. As I completed challenges in the old curriculum, I had this feeling that I wouldn’t remember all the features/commands tied to what they do, and should’ve been saving them. So, for big projects, like the Cap app, I saved a local copy, as sometimes I’d work on them on SublimeText locally. Which turned out to be a god-send. I wanted to do it especially, so I could comment on each feature, so it would ‘stick’ a little better in my memory. It’s hard to remember all the different ways to use a command/feature just having them used once.

Also, it’s frustrating, to have to go back but, not be able to find your own solutions that you’ve already worked on. I’d say, annoying as that sounds, start saving them from now on.


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Thank you so much! This is a lot of commitment and effort. really APPRECIATE IT!!!

https://learn.freecodecamp.org/ showing some challenges as tick marked. These challenges are those which were completed already, right? Then why the ‘start curriculam’ starting it from the initial challenge? How to skip the challenges that are already finished?

Will you guys bring back the old JS console? I feel that it would be beneficial for everyone, just for debugging purposes.

Resistance to change https://www.torbenrick.eu/blog/change-management/12-reasons-why-people-resist-change/

Thanks for adding the section on accessibility. :+1:
Reviewing the tribute page, the majority had “click here” links.
Perhaps the most frequent design mistake I see.

I have completed all five of Javascript Algorithms and data structures challenges but am unable to get the certification for it try to fix the issue as soon as possible

what do you mean by debugging? is it a programming language too!!!

it is now working… how can i see my completed courses ?

Hey kudos for the improvements, liked the new curriculam but still the design element is not so 2018.

I would like to mention a bug if it counts or not, but while solving the problems when you click on the Curriculam menu from the navBar it gives a blank page or a dead page and i have to refresh it to see its content. @QuincyLarson i dont know if it’s just me , still have a look please. Thanks!

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Looking at the repo quickly, at least some of the certificates have proposed fixes. As soon as the fixes are verified, they’ll go live.

‘Debugging’ is the process of finding and removing errors in your code - called “bugs”. We like to attribute this to the (probably) apocryphal story of Grace Hopper finding a moth in a relay of the Mark II.


Enjoy the new courses and keep your eyes out for UI improvements as soon as the critical bugs are addressed.

When you find a bug , please report it as a GitHub Issue after you’ve checked that someone hasn’t already reported it. This particular bug has definitely been reported (a few dozen times :smile:).

But why I’ve lost all my progress? :frowning:



You haven’t lost all your progress. You should still be able to see the list of completed lessons on your public portfolio. If your portfolio says that you have completed 0 lessons, then you have created a new account instead of accessing your existing account.

I like it very much, the new curriculum. It’s really a nice way of teaching some basics in css/html and probably javascript etc. It 's really very very great.

Maybe I am double posting this because somebody else could have spotted this.

It’s about this page: https://learn.freecodecamp.org/responsive-web-design/responsive-web-design-projects/build-a-tribute-page

I could miss something, but the js bundle in the fork doesn’t seem to work for me. For the projects page. https://gitcdn.link/repo/freeCodeCamp/testable-projects-fcc/master/build/bundle.js

Also if I download this bundle I get a 404 or so. So do I miss something or do I am wrong something? Also when including in a project I dont get the same box with tests. I really like it how it is done in the sample tribute page.

I was able to get a bundle v1 from the tribute page in the sample project by just using the inspect button. Also the instructions was not at first very clear for me, it could use some more directions I believe and since I am not a native english speaker I don’t have a lot of suggestions to improve it unfortunately.

But I like it very much!

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This is all amazing! However i feel like i’m back at university, 2 days until deadline and i’m on schedule. Then my tutor comes in and slams another 1000 projects on my desk! I’M DROWNING!!!

I have this same issue! Whenever i want to open the curriculum i have to refresh first

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Thank you, Quincy! Huge Thumbs up to you and the entire team, for the massive effort put into all these.

One issue : I am unable to claim the certificate for the advanced algorithm projects. The one I already earned is also not shown. I think the problem spans through other sections too.

Claiming certificates isn’t working at the moment. Thank you for your patience.

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