10 major freeCodeCamp improvements that are live now

10 major freeCodeCamp improvements that are live now
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I can’t comment on the new content yet, but you’ve done away with the old certificates. I had a link to a high resolution image that resembled a real certificate. That link is a 404 error now. The replacement is a “legacy” certificate with very simple HTML / CSS that doesn’t look as good on a résumé.

And, of course, there is the outstanding issue that I can access other people’s accounts by logging into FCC with my LinkedIn account.


Thanks for constantly working on this amazing resource, and for keeping it free! Much appreciated.

Some feedback:

  • Do I get prompted about when to start a project? I noticed there’s now more projects such as “build a survey form”, but I don’t know when I should tackle that because I can’t clearly see it in my curriculum.
  • It’s a bit confusing that there are new lessons added in amongst other lessons I had completed. Perhaps a prompt or sticker to highlight these are new?
  • It seems like some of my most recent progress was lost. There are ~10 lessons I completed that are now showing as not complete. Not sure if others are experiencing this, so thought I’d share.
  • It’s confusing that the login for the forum is different to the FCC login. Not sure if this was always the case. Once I click on “sign in”, the copy there explains it’s a different account. However until I click that, it’s not clear why I’m not already signed it. Perhaps have some copy at the top of the forum page to explain that we need a separate account (as I assume it’s not an easy fix to have SSO across forum and learn - that would be ideal).

Thanks again for all your great work!


It’s always been the case. freecodecamp.org are completely different entities with no communication between them.


Great upgrades, altough night mode still doesnt work properly. It used to be that if I signed out and signed back in it all got fixed but now I just can’t seem to get it to work at all on the curriculum pages. Any help or fixes would be much appreciated. Other than that Quincy, you are a superhero. :wink:


As has been stated many times in this thread (and elsewhere), a night mode has not been created for the new FCC yet, but it will be soon. There are numerous browser extensions and software solutions to give you control over the colors of a website, all websites, or your monitor. Some extensions, like Stylish, already have community-uploaded themes for the new FCC, or you can go ahead and use the skills FCC taught you to take control of your experience.


Are you still offering the full stack web development certificate?


You guys are the best. :smiley: love how you answer to every comment no matter how many times it was asked or how silly it may be. Much love.


Hi! Coding section’s background should have a cooler background. Make it look like an IDE possibly. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


About Improvement #2, I was about to claim my data-vis certificate, after the update there is no obvious way (in the settings page as described) to claim it.
Am I doing something wrong? Any Ideas, suggestions?
Thanks in advance,


Hey, Quince. I’ve got a couple of questions:

  • Somewhat off-topic, but I am working on implementing a passwordless login system for my latest self project (https://github.com/dgdev1024/user-stories-app). Should I also implement an email-change system? I noticed that the new FCC platform doesn’t have an email-change system. What considerations should I look at when implementing such a system?

  • Also, will a FCC account reset wipe out my legacy certs (I have a frontend cert)? If it does, I’d better not do it!

Thank you.


@Vectormike40 This was addressed most recently just 2 posts above yours.

@MichaelTd Scroll way down in the settings page. The old ones are called “Legacy” certificates.

@dgdev1024 Yes, but since those are earned by providing links to external projects, you could always just submit the same links again.


Thank you very much for bringing us all of this! I’m learning and I would like you to know that many of us are really grateful to you!

Thank you again!


@QuincyLarson hi Quincy


I hate to come off a bit “salty” here.

Honestly though, before you make a major change like this I would have considered the path of people that are already almost finished with legacy certifications. I know that it’s been stated that your team is working on correcting this issue, but it really should have been setup before the roll out. I’m glad that you’ve added so many more features, but the way you rolled this out seems a bit “disrespectful” to people that have been using the site. I hope going forward you will better consider problems like this with any major upgrades.

Seems obvious to me.


I would also like to know if nonprofit projects are still a part of free code camp since I was actually looking forward to that. It would be a nice think to add to a portfolio


The bug that prevented people from claiming certificates was a bug. The team spent the better part of a year beta testing and trying to anticipate and fix any bugs that might arise, but it’s impossible to perfectly prepare for what will happen when you go from a testing environment to a production environment with thousands of users.

Seems obvious to me.


I’m not sure to what bug you are referring, but I wasn’t discussing that. I’m talking about the lack of a map that reflects a path to legacy certifications. Current users should have been thought of first.


Awesome job! Digging the new curriculum. Quick feedback: I would love to have a progress bar or some other quick visualization that shows how I’m progressing through a given module.


I came here to say that you did great on the website. This is absolutely the best web developing tutorial! Thank you a lot for your efforts.

But just a question, does freecodecamp learn you how to link between HTML elements and Javascript? I just noticed that at the end of the day, Javascript lessons only learn you how to make functions and the basics but never learn you how to apply them to the pages. I don’t know if there are a tutorial about this as there are a lot of them here, my question is, does the tutorial learn you this at future lessons or not(besides frameworks like Jquery of course)?


A full “map” still exists as the curriculum page. The certificates sections of the settings page show progress in terms of particular certificates. There is nothing in the redesign that interferes with campers who were about to claim legacy certificates doing so. The only impediment is the aforementioned bug that prevented some people from actually being able to click the ‘claim’ button.