10 major freeCodeCamp improvements that are live now

10 major freeCodeCamp improvements that are live now
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I have a quick question about previous projects used in the new curriculum. For example I got the tribute page done and submitted before the change over. Do I have update it to pass the test suite/newly added user stories in order to have it count for the new Responsive Web Design section?


Yes. These were designed with current users in mind to try to ensure that most campers would not have to make significant changes to pass tests, but some work will need to be done. While this may seem frustrating right now, it’s actually a really good exercise in returning to your previous code to make required changes.


Thanks @ArielLeslie!
Oh definitely. I can attest to having to go back and update code as need be. It’s a great habit to build.


And it will finally convince people to start using meaningful variable and function names, organizing their code, and that comments are good. :wink:


Do you know how to retrieve the progress in each lesson? I used comments to save annotations and consideration and now everything is lost with the solutions…


Some people are reporting they are unable to claim certifications from the /settings page yet, and some are. We’re refactoring our settings page to make it more reliable.

I am just curious what is the current update on this matter since I am still unable to claim my API and Microservices Certification.


This is Great, Man! I’m glad to hear the “Hint” button is on its way back. As I have a long way to go yet. On the Header for #7 above I think you meant to use the word “Lightning” where you have the word “Lighting”. I’m having trouble with a couple of the exercises. I’ll check it out in GitHub before I go any farther into it though. Have a great evening.

Seems there’s always one more little tweak that can be added…
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Unfortunately, I cannot see any of my submitted solutions on my profile page. It only shows that I have completed the challenge in my timeline. It is not a big problem as I am saving my solutions locally, but just wanted to let you know that this seems not to work as intended.

Thank you for your work!

I think my confusion comes from expecting that every solutions of every challenge is saved on my profile. Instead only project solutions seem to be saved there.


I just notice you can cheat in the “claim my certificate” part. I found I can claim a certificate just adding some irrelevant link to the projects parts without doing the actual projects. I think it shld a bug, shouldn’t it?
p.s. after doing this trick I reset my account and I don’t want to cheat! I tried it just for a test.


That would be where the academic honesty bit comes in. Since this is something that people just do for their own education, cheating would be pretty pointless though.


+1 this. I miss the counter on the top right of the screen. I used to challenge myself to just stop on multiples of ten, so sometimes I did like 30 exercises in a sit.


Those are your brownie points. They’re on your portfolio. You can check them any time.

I’m really glad that the brownie points aren’t on the Nav bar anymore. I had to argue with at least half a dozen people per week that the number they saw didn’t identify the challenge they were on.


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Please provide percentage progress bar for each certification as it’s much easier to have a quick review of progress.


Oh, I see. As a product designer I know how different users have different ways of interacting with a platform.
Thanks for the response and hope everything gets fixed soon.


Personally I am missing the output box that showed what was returned by the code.
The new box that shows a copy of the test checkboxes is redundant imo. Perhaps I am missing something.
All the new challenges and sections are much appreciated.



As a starter, I find this really confusing now. Where should I start for a back-end cert? Most of the legacy back-end projects are located in “microservices” , but the first project, is already asking for a “Glitch project” , I mean, it doesnt start from scratch, and I dont even know to which project is that refering.

So basically my question is… is that normal that the first lessons of new certifications aks for projects in other certifications? And by the way I searched trought all the lessons and I couldnt find a single reference to “Glitch project”


The new curriculum doesn’t have a Back End Certificate. That’s why there isn’t a section with that name. If you want to claim the old Legacy Back End Certificate, you can do so by doing the projects but I don’t suggest doing that if you weren’t already doing the back end projects before the update (I would claim the new certificates and then if you want to, adding the legacy certificates afterwards might be fun). Glitch is a service similar to CodePen that gives you an environment to create a demo version of a web application. It is introduced in the first project that suggests using it, Timestamp Microservice and every project that suggests using Glitch provides a link to a boilerplate Glitch project for you to use.


I have completed all project challenges for JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures certification, but the button for the last one still says “Complete Project” and then when I click on it, it says “Sorry, we couldn’t find a page for that address.”. :confused: