100 Days Challenge: Goals and Progress

I have started around 10 days ago the 100 days of code challenge. I keep track of it on twitter: https://twitter.com/JJ_JJ_001 but I will also start keeping track of it in this topic as well.

Day 10, part 1: I just finished the Tribute Page challenge. I also created the skeleton for the Survey Form challenge. Later today I will hopefully complete this challenge.
Here’s the link for whoever’s curios.

Any feedback is much appreciated.

Day 10, part 2: I added a few more questions to the Survey Form and I also started adding CSS to it. I’m kind of sleepy so I will stop here for today.

Tomorrow is Day 11. I really want to finish the Survey Form and start the Product Landing Page challenge.

Honestly, I never expected these challenges to be so hard, but this is good! I will have a solid knowledge of HTML and CSS once I finish with these Responsive Web Design challenges.

Hey there,

great work,
looking forward to reading more about your journey!

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Day 11: I’m 98% done with the Survey Form challenge. I still have some items to align and to center them correctly. Also I want to add a blur to the background image.

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