100 days of code access

How to get tasks assigned for 100 days of code from the freecodecamp’s bot?

there are no tasks for the 100 days of code challenge, you just commit to coding every day for 100 days

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Recently raisedadead has committed on github something. I’m asking about that. GitHub - freeCodeCamp/freeCodeCamp.github.io: A list of some of our open-source projects.

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It’s just for accountability, there are no tasks assigned, it’s just a different way to report daily progress, at this time it’s used in the fcc discord server

Can you share some links where I can get 100 days of code assignments?

there are not assignments, it’s just about coding everyday for 100 days, you can do whatever coding you want

I don’t get what to code.

whatever you want, it’s a way to stick to your projects not get new ones

There are many coding challenge sites, like https://www.codewars.com or https://edabit.com/. Just pick one and you’ll find tons of ideas what to code.

In case it’s not clear yet - nobody supervises your #100daysofcode challenge, nobody checks whether you’re really coding every day for 100 days. It’s a challenge for yourself, and you’re the only one who supervises your progress.

Thanks, @ilenia and @jsdisco, I was confused about the concept.

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