100 ms API Implementation Challenges

Hello developers, Recently I have met new challenges in my office is,I have to implement an API response within 100 ms. The procedure is like when someone visits our website an API request will be sent and based on the user activities we have sent back ads, the whole procedure must be done in 100 ms. It is a MERN stack project. normally I use axios to fetch data and from by backend send result like return res.status.json(); this procedure. But it takes 2/3 sec to be finished.How can I make it in 100ms . Any Idea ?

When you want to optimise a program, the first thing you have to do is to measure it.

Node has both a lot of 3rd party as well as a built in profiler.
Here’s the doc page about it:

Hope this serves as an inspiration.
Good luck with your task :sunny:

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Thank you Marmiz for your awesome solutions.

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