#100daysofcode (Day 13)

Planning on starting 100 days of code from today.
I am not really comfortable with twitter, and I figured since this community is dedicated to web dev, so it makes more sense to post here.
I have been out of touch with coding for a while due to my degree obligations. I had previously completed the fcc curriculum till the javascript certification, but don’t remember much of it. I will keep updating the log below to record my progress.

Day 1 plan: Go through portions I have done before.
Day 1 progress: Went through the basics again.
Day 2 plan: Redo the javascript portion of the fcc curriculum.
Day 2 progress: Completed the Basic Javascript section of the Javascript module.
Day 3 plan: Redo the regex, debugging and basic data structures sections of the Javascript module.
Day 3 progress: Completed regex and debugging sections. Wasn’t able to start data structures section.
Day 4 plan: Complete basic data structures and basic algorithm scripting sections.
Day 4 progress: Wasn’t able to focus at all on coding. Gave up after completing a few assignments of basic data structures section.
Day 5 plan: Complete basic data structures section.
Day 5 progress: Completed basic structures section.
Day 6 plan: Complete basic algorithm scripting section.
Day 6 progress: Completed basic algorithm scripting section.
Day 7 plan: Complete object oriented programming section.
Day 7 progress: Couldn’t get any work done due to eye strain. Rested my eyes for a day.
Day 8 plan: Start object oriented programming section.
Day 8 progress: Wasn’t able to focus on coding. Gave up after completing a few exercises from OOP section.
Day 9 plan: Complete OOP section and go through YDKJS(this and object prototype).
Day 9 progress: Completed half of OOP section.
Day 10 plan: Complete OOP section.
Day 10 progress: Completed OOP section.

Thoughts after 10 Days
I was able to spend some amount of time everyday coding. Some days were much more productive, and on some days I felt like not doing anything coding related, but I did force myself to do a few exercises from fcc curriculum. This helped me keep a continuous rhythm, and on days I was least productive I would feel the need to perform better the next day. Previously, I had a very discontinuous schedule when it came to coding. This led me to having to do the same exercises many time over because I kept forgetting the lessons after taking a break from coding. Hopefully I’ll continue this challenge till the end.

Goals for the next 10 days
My plan for the next 10 days is to finish the Javascript section of the fcc curriculum, DOM structure and manipulation, git and github. If I manage to cover the above I’ll proceed to learning jQuery.

Day 11 plan: Complete ES6 section and start functional programming section.
Day 11 progress: Wasn’t able to get any work done. Stopped after a few exercises.
Day 12 plan: Complete ES6 section.
Day 12 progress: Completed most of ES6 section. The last few exercises are left.
Day 13 plan: Planning on breaking pattern and jumping to Data structures section of the Interview prep module.


Good luck with your 100 days of code and welcome back!

I believe reviewing the core basics is important, regardless of what level you actually remember. As one of my professors once said during a review “Its better to be bored than to potentially not understand”!


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Thank you for your encouragement.

are you sure code is for 100 years? this one is awesome.

Story of my life, haha.
The key is to try building a bunch of simple things in just JS. when you run into a problem, solve it as best you can (with google and such)
You will get a much better understanding of JS after 4-5 little projects.

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Thank you. I will keep your advice in mind.