#100DaysOfCode starts again on January 3

Newbie questions are the only questions we have - I am in the same boat as a lot of us so no worries :slight_smile: just a question!:slight_smile:

After you’ve forked the repo, you can start changing the Log file, and then you push your changes to GitHub every day. (you can also change it right on the site of GitHub)

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The irony is I often operate as a marketing consultant and I regularly use social media marketing techniques to increase client sales and web traffic. I just dislike using it personally.

I’m following the “tweet your day” rule but I noticed quite a few people don’t receive any project feedback on FCC - especially newbies who arguably need it most - so I decided to comment on at least two feedback requests per day instead of tweeting two random people.

Thank you :slight_smile: I already figure out stuff on my own, so far so good :slight_smile: Not going to quit, first days are the toughest one. They say after doing something for a month you create a habit. Have you heard about Slight Edge? It’s about doing (or not doing) something everyday to become better at it. I think your challenge has a lot to do with Slight Edge. Again thank you for your kind support. I put a link to your article on my website. :slight_smile:

Oh my Gosh am I able to begin even if I would start a week late? I hope I hope

Yes, you can start today.

I’ve just learned code for 3 days. Can i join this challenge?

Yes, you can start right now.