10yr of gap in coding, and now don't know how to re-start!

Hi! I obtained an undergrad degree in software programming a decade ago, but due to the stagnant job market (in my country back then) I changed career. Currently, I am living in Copenhagen and doing my PhD in sociology . But, I am dropping out from PhD to do programming again!
So, my questions are:
-Where to start?
-How to fill out the gap in order to get a job as a Web Developer? (would practice and self study be enough)

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Start at the beginning. Keep learning. Keep building.

I means, some things will come back very quickly - that’s fine, it’s good review.


Your current knowledge? What is your goal? Where is your passion?

Web Developer is a wide concept. From WordPress to IoT. Can you specify more?

Thank you for your respond Sibert.
Let’s say my current knowledge is beginner level of HTML5 and CSS, but during university I learned other lg like C, C++, C#, web design and programming, data structures and algorithm,…
I do enjoy coding a lot, but my main objective is to be a front-end developer, mostly because the result is visual.

All of that will serve you well when learning.

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Thank you so much Kevin. :pray:

Your C-family knowledge is still relevant, so if you want to brush up those skills you could probably be employable without having to learn anything super new.

If your interest is in being a web developer though, (and these days “front end” almost always means web technology), then I suggest getting up to speed by learning JavaScript, picking a framework that is in demand locally (Angular, React, Vue), and building a project. You have enough fundamental software background that with a few intro tutorials or courses (including but not limited to freeCodeCamp) you can jump right into a project. Plan to build something that will take you months of steady work to do. You’ll get back into the mindset of software development and get familiar with the current web development landscape. Recent experience on a sizeable project will balance out that 10 year gap.


If you dont aim too high initially, it is possible to land a job, even if you only rely on self study and practice, ofc it would take more time and again, you cant be too picky in the start, but since you have some background, I imagine this can cut the needed period, plus you have additional skill assets which can be useful in particular projects(if you are willing to bet on that).

I am facing the same issue… almost 5 years gap. But I’m trying my best to collaborate with people from different parts of the world from the same community.
You can connect with me here…
Github - jdpro19 (Jyotirmoy Das) · GitHub
Twitter - https://twitter.com/Jyotirm23202283

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Dear Ariel! Thank you so much for your guidance- it is super helpful :slight_smile:

I’ll surely do. Thank you

Thank you for your message. Could you please elaborate more on “aiming to high”, like you mean I should target more skill sets or dedicate more time? Also, I didn’t really understand what you exactly meant by “being picky at the start”.
Thanks a lot :pray:

Sorry, i wrote that initial sentence in one breath :slight_smile: . Dont take my words too serious, as I am not so familiar with the job market situation, but what I meant was, if you are not too picky in terms of salary, position, job prestige etc. , you should not have problems finding a job.

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hahaha ok :slight_smile:
It actually makes upon sense. Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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