11ty Portfolio Site feedback

Hello everyone! I have finally managed to make a new portfolio that is powered by 11ty and Sass. It is fully responsive. The only touches I need to add are SEO related (which BTW I would love some advice on)


Let me know what you think!

Hi @Cy499_Studios !

I think your site looks good.

If this is the site you plan to use to get more clients I would personally change two things.

No.1: drop the student title.
Just say web developer

It sounds more professional than student.

Since you already have client work, try to see if you can get them to give you testimonials.

That way you can display it on your website to attract more clients.

Hope that helps!

Hey there @jwilkins.oboe

I’m currently working on grabbing testimonials from my two previous clients. I’ll add a testimonial section as soon as possible.

Also, I put student to make sure I don’t get requests for work that’s out of my comfort zone. I’m currently have other priorities other than my freelance business(my education, my volunteering, etc…)

Thanks for the advice!

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