12GB Installed But Only ~5GB Available?


Can anyone imagine why my Win10 laptop is telling me that despite 12GB of memory installed, only 10GB is counted under “Total” and out of that just a lil’ over 5GB is actually “Available”???

I don’t have a lot of things open, just Chrome (yeah it’s a lot of tabs but nothing’s going on in ‘em, no videos running or anything right now) and Windows’ native System Information app but that’s it. And AFAIK, my machine ain’t infected or something. I’ve rechecked periodically and while the exact figure does change every so often, it’s a very slight change.

I should also say that I’ve just restarted the computer, too (after a quick Windows Update) and I’m not experiencing any slow performance…but curious all the same why most of my system memory’s gone!!


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Oh, my…thanks so much for that…I’m very embarrassed that I just didn’t think of googling first!!

Good reminder of a basic problem-solving skill as I continue on my coding journey…!

It happens. I wish I could have had a better answer, but that isn’t my forte.

Actually, the link was very helpful; it made me think more broadly about the problem and I soon realized that the issue is almost certainly due to the integrated graphics I have – that’s all!

Thanks again!!