1320.1 Add another row with a filename of yippee.wav. Use Mario's character_id again for the foreign key value

Hi I’m stuck on this step. I already entered the suggested line but it gives me this error after:

the sounds table should have a row for yippee.wav that mario uses

appreciate any help. Thanks a lot

Please take a screenshot of your screen to show us.

Hi @hbar1st

Kindly see picture below. Thanks in advance.

hi there, can you fix the blurry text on your terminal?
Please follow the instructions here:

can click Reset button once and wait for the reset to complete in full then can you do a select * from sounds and show me what it has in it?

Hi @hbar1st

thank you so much for following these instructions! I believe I can see the problem now. The word yippee has 2 p’s in it while the word you used has only one.
So you can drop the row that you added and redo the add and it should work with the corrected data.

Thank you so much @hbar1st .

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