1950's Tribute Page Feedback

Hello fellow campers

I just finished my tribute page to the 1950’s, if you are willing to check it out, I would greatly appreciate any feedback you could offer :). Thank you!

Hi there.
Nice work. Rock’n’Roll;)
I think you can do several thinks to make your project better.

  1. Menu.
    If you make padding for a menu container it will look better. Because when I hover on it your links getting bigger then its container. And with your style much better will do padding for <a> elements.
    And the menu is not responsive. Its container out of viewport when you look at it on < 700px.
  2. Paddings
    Add padding to blocks when a text tightly pressed to their sides: .img-caption, .tribute-info etc.
    And make left padding at the content smaller at small viewports.

Hey CallMeFrank,

Thank you for your feedback, I have made the changes that you suggested :slight_smile: