1st EVER project of mine , not sure where to go with it

i finished my first ever project wich is a tribute page for a fictional character from a game, and i was surprised that i could finish the user stories in less than 15mins .
i do want to spend time and css the shet out of it but i’m afraid this isnt the “Goal” and i’m sure future projects will focus more on animations and such

am i wrong ? should i go bananas on this little project or go see what’s up next ?

here it is btw : https://codepen.io/anon/pen/YMNaoj
total time spent: 15 mins

Well in all honesty I wouldn’t go based on just meeting the user stories. All of the responsive web design projects have easy user stories, you should definitely work on some css for it. You don’t have to spend days on it but just a little bit to make it look nice, plus you’ll learn a lot from practice and research for how you want it to look. Just my opinion though :grin:

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:clap::clap: Yasss. Some things that will help you tremendously through your coding journey is constantly trying to better your code, and researching!

I would say try and mess with your code and make it look nicer. You’ve passed all your requirements so there’s nothing to lose! It will also help you later on in life if you get in the habit of making things a little better than what’s expected. Your employer…heck even yourself, will be nothing short of ecstatic that you went the extra mile

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I’m guessing the 15 minutes you spent was the time it took you to type in the HTML.

Let me put your question back on you. Is this something you’re proud of? Is this something you’d show a potential employer to showcase your skills with HTML and CSS?
Is this a page you’d be happy to see if you were surfing the web for this fictional character? One you’d bookmark so you could refer to it again and again?
What is the purpose of putting the main body of your ‘tribute’ into a <pre> tag? It’s not at all responsive.

The user stories are there as a guideline for you to create a minimal viable product (MVP). It’s up to you to then use the skills that you’ve (hopefully) learned to take that MVP and make it into something that’s not only visually appealing but also responsive.
If you reverse engineer the functionally similar app that you forked this from you’d see that it’s as visually unappealing as yours.
So yes, spend a little time and “css the shet out of it”.


i focused on “getting the job done” and moving on to more complex projects… of course this isnt something i’d show to an employer or a showcase of my skills .
i’ll work on it some more till it matches my standards and give u an update.