1st version after beta

Hello there! Can I ask a question?
I read that new Responsive Web Design Certification Program is still beta. But I think that I will try the new curriculum after beta version. When is the 1st version (after beta) available? Do you know?

There is no timeline for moving the new curriculum out of beta status. It will be made live when it’s ready.

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Hi @itiresenemiroglu !

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Even though there is no set timeline to release the new curriculum out of beta, you can still go through the course if you want.

The certification projects are the exact same as the ones from the current curriculum.
Nothing has changed there.
The certification projects are what counts for the certificate.

The major change in the beta curriculum are the addition of practice projects instead of individual lessons.
This is to help users transition from learning the concepts to building the certification projects.

Hope that helps!

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