2.5 Year Hiatus - How's My Survey Page?

Hey friends,

Just jumping back into the lovely world of coding through FCC. Loving the refresher so far. I’ve just completed my “first” project with the survey page. I would love any feedback you could give! Hit me :slight_smile:


(the “comprehensive” survey might be a bit tongue-in-cheek)

Oh my gosh! I love the font!!
You did a really good job, but the inputs are a bit small and the text (like my email) does not fit in them or at least i can’t see the full text.
Use some bootstrap to style this.
Along with your font and style of this page, it will match PERFECTLY!

Not a big fan of the color scheme and the text centering but besides that, good job! :smiley::+1:

The img isn’t contained by the “outer-container” div when you get down to smaller widths.

This can happen at some widths:

I think the ‘Share your comments!’ should be centered above the “comments” text area.

Time for a bowl of :ice_cream:!

Thanks! I’m 50/50 on the colour myself haha I’m trying to focus on the bigger stuff though since colour is pretty easily interchangeable

Good call out on the input box size, appreciate it.

@saclark12000 Appreciate it. I didn’t go small enough in my testing to encounter the image escaping the container. I’ll have to play with the resizing. Thanks!