2 MONTHS, 2 INTERNSHIP offers, 1 front end offer


Good point made here.

Hi , do you mind sharing your portfolio?

For sure! The publicly made projects are just the basic FCC projects though. Nothing special in those.

The JavaScript projects which I’ve created are not yet public. Those I still want to perfect haha. But heres a link to my codepen containing all the public projects so far.


Hi, your notice is cool! Thanks to share your experience, this gives me more motivation.
In FCC, did you only do the HTML CSS JS section in the curriculum ?

I am going to take a look of this you say. As we have coronavirus, i’ve extra time so if a can cath an intership it will be asome.

Good luck. :upside_down_face:

Lol! Definitely!

All it is , is a game of persuasion and confidence. You have those? Your set.

Well… I so far only completed the HTML, CSS section of FCC. I literally have only one section completed in JS.

I was a little impatient to complete the whole JS section, so I just started to do projects in pure JS. Those projects taught me quicker about JS and so I learned better that way.

I will finish the JS section this month but yea… it’s really about confidence and persuasion when it comes to getting a job in this field.

Thats great :clap:t3:
Congratulations :+1:t3:

Thank you a ton @Anita-joseph!

I have two questions.

First, what city do you live in and did you apply to other cities expecting a possible relocation?

Second, I havent seen an internship that doesnt ask for someone who is currently enrolled. Are there internships that dont?

edit I’d like to add a third question. How did you find these internships and what did you search for?

Yeah so…

  1. I live in in Northern Indiana… not going to say which city since… this is the internet. I applied to face-to-face physical internships in my city and remote internships everywhere else. I really didn’t want to travel a ton for the internships.
  2. True, most internships ask that… but there are some that don’t too. It can go both ways really. To be fair, I am currently enrolled in college at this moment, majoring in Electrical Engineering… so that may have helped me search quite a bit.
  3. For local internships, the best place I found was Indeed. Literally type XXX internships, XXX being your city or state. And just go through them.
    Majority of internships I found on AngelList. If you don’t know what AngelList is, it’s basically a website for startup companies to post their stuff. You can talk directly to the CEO or the owner of the company. And so through just grinding through applications on AngelList, I got offers.

Now keep in mind, the internships on AngelList are unpaid. These companies have very limited funding and thus don’t pay you. My internships were unpaid as well… all of them. however I knew if I took the unpaid internships… this would at least get my foot in the door in terms of experience. That unpaid experience would help lead you into more better paid opportunities in the future.

Especially if your self-taught and you have no experience, it’s quite hard getting a internship since your competing with other computer science major students.

Gotta do what you gotta do.

Key is to keep grinding!


Good buddy, you inspired me a lot. The same way I closed clients for design project. Just try and try you’ll get is and yes it’s really possible.

Yup. It’s all a confidence game.

Even i’m also doing an internship in Pune as a JavaScript developer

Thank you for sharing this! I have been in and out of programming over the years, and now that COVID has left me jobless for the foreseeable future (no more bartending for me) I have all the time and motivation to get back into this as a career.

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Yeah for sure dude! Go for it!
You have a golden chance right now to turn around your situation!
Don’t hesitate to ask questions if you got any.

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I understand the need to know this and probably I am wrong in what I am going to say, but what got him his success here is not merely his coding skills. I see initiative and believing in himself as more of the reason.

There are people who spent years above years before attempting to apply for a job, let alone believe that they are a developer at all.

Study as much as you can without ruining your passion for coding and your health (mental and physical.) Improve everyday. Don’t forget to develop other mental forts of your life. Read Alexander the Great. Read Marcus Aurelius. Also dare great things.

Adapt it all (the studying) to yourself and to your situation. Believe in yourself and your abilities and make your own path to the goal.

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Hey man, I was wondering when you apply on Angelist, do you like put your portfolio link in the application message, or in your profile.

Can I get to know where did you applied? like what website or platform?

This seems like a good way to get extra experience! Would most of these companies take people outside the US? I’m an American citizen but I live in Thailand at the moment.

Thank you for sharing, such an inspiring story :slight_smile: Could you please tell how you made and showcased your portfolio and about all the networking you’ve done?