2 months self taught and got invited to a phone interview

It’s only been 2 months since I started learning web development and 2 days ago I completed my intermediate projects so then I decided to apply for a job although I was not expecting any callback so I just continue learning. Today I got a message that they want to invite me to a phone interview for a remote job and I dont know if I should go for it even though I already know that they are not going to accept me. With only 2 months and self taught exp , I dont think it is enough experience for me to work in developer industry. Any advice will be appreciated, thanks.


Take the interview and just be upfront that you’re a beginner and looking for entry level, that you’ve been doing this just for 2 months of self-learning. They may decide to take you in and train you. — nothing better than a newbie that has not picked any bad habits yet that they can train to their own methods :slight_smile:


Absolutely go for it, like owel says just be up front about your level of experience and go from there! Worst case scenario it doesn’t work out, and life will continue on as normal. Good luck!


There’s also one problem, English is my second language so whenever I get nervous my English get all messed up but I’m going to try my best even though I have feeling that I am going to fail this interview so bad.

Thanks for all the advice :smile:

“Spin it”… say English is your second language and if they have clients that speak (your language) that you can also help in that area.

Thanks, can I ask a question? What is the common interview question if the CEO is the one that is going to interview me? And what if he didnt ask me to tell him about myself? How can I insert into our conversation that I am a beginner and english is not my native language. Sorry to ask you too many question.

Who knows? Each hiring person/company is different.

Say something along the lines of “Thank you for this opportunity, I’m very excited and a little nervous about this interview. English is my second language so if my answer does not seem clear, please let me know and I’ll try to rephrase it. But my written english is excellent (or very good).”

When they ask the first programming-related question, just give your answer to the question and interject “I only started self-learning 2 months ago, and I’m still in the process of learning and coding everyday.” – and then wait for the cues and see where he takes it from there…

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Thank you very much and I really appreciate your response to help me. Thanks again :smile: