2 Projects for Future Portfolio - Can i Get some Feedback?

Hey guys, could you check my projects for my future portfolio? I would like some feedback; I’m really want to find a developer job soon.

  1. The first one is simple, just to show React, React Router and a simple CSS, it is responsive but I’m willing to improve the responsiveness. as a Pasta lover I wanted to do something related to the pasta, There is nothing special with this one, tbh, but i can say its a little,pretty? at least for me, haha :smile:, the CR(u)D is in the next one.
  1. This second one, was my first project and I wanted to do something nice, but with a simple view, it is a Business Directory, you will find States from Venezuela, that’s the only thing that I didn’t changed when I translated it. I used React, React Router and Firebase Database to Build this site. Also, helped myself with Sweetalert and Bootstrap for the simple UI/UX. Plus, pages and objects of the directory are automatically made, there are 10 objects per page

In order to moderate in the business dierctory you need to log in, use this info.
email: guest@rojolelo.com
password: welcome

There you can Accept or Delete Business in the Moderating/Waiting List

Thank you in advance, I hope your feedbacks.


I like your first project, wasnt too sure about the second, but i guess its kind of like a CMS.

keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Thank you!
Actually the second one is mean to be a tool where you can easily find any kind of business, sometimes you have to go pretty far away from where you are just because you didn’t know there was X-Business close to you. I have to update it it with a search bar in order to apply the “easily find”. It works for public and entrepreneurs, it’s more like “I need people to know where my business is, let’s see if the moderator approves my business information to be public”.