2 Responsive Web Design Projects - Build a Tribute Page

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i bit confused on how to go about this project. please, any hint

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Challenge: Build a Tribute Page

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Please give link to your code.

i have submited the link since Wednesday, can i still find the link? if yes, how please

please,is there actually a way to save the projects?

Did you code it in codepen?

Yes there is a way to save the project in codepen you just have to locate the save button at the top of the page .Click it and all your work will be saved.

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The tribute page refers to someone’s legacy in short you should describe someone who is deceased or not(depends on who it is)and write their goals and contributions in life like Albert Einstein and as you do so you also need to make sure you write as advised in the challenge page like applying inputs and adding form attributes so as to be able to pass the test and move on to the next one.Hope this helps!

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i couldn’t really find it there.

please kindly explain better so i don’t lose my work

The save button is on the left next to the settings button.
Hope this one is more precise!

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Oh and i forgot to mention,yes you will not find the save button when you open the editor from freecodecamp but instead you can open a project from codepen from your own account and from there you can save your work and just add a improvised link from the challenges tab into your work and from there you can save your work and came back later to work on it.
Hope this helps finally!

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yes, it helped greatly.thanks.

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Glad it did.If you need assistance once more just post it on the forum