2 week old Web Developer LOL๐Ÿ˜‚

Hello, Im just asking for a feedback for this little thing i made! but just so you know, i am developing only since 2 weeks ago, so dont expect Much thanks! All feedbacks are accepted!!:joy::joy::joy:


You learned a lot in 2 weeks.
I like the simplicity and the fact itโ€™s responsive.
Maybe a bit to simple qua design/looks, but a nice start alltogether!
good job.

Take my comments with a pinch of salt as iโ€™m only learning for a few weeks myself.
We seem to have te same focus (simple design, responsive website :slight_smile: )

Yeah learned real lot, thatโ€™s because i didnt stayed in freecodecamp alone, i read e-books and videos as well, Im like downloading my Knowledge through torrent(Part by Part then compile them altogether!)โ€ฆ Pretty good strategy for me so far (although i didnt tried any other strategies other than this :joy_cat: )

Anyways, Thanks for that โ€œcoolโ€ feedback thanks! And weโ€™ll keep on learnin!