20, Broke, Lost: New Coder Trying to Figure Out the Future

Hi all!
I know so many people have posted similar things, and I hate to be redundant, but I was just wondering where I should go from here. Warning: I overshare here. Nothing bad, I just feel the need to give context for literally everything.
I’m graduating college in May with degrees (yes, plural) focused in Social Sciences. I always had an interest in psychology and social work, but to make a long story short I think that was misguided. I’m autistic and don’t do well with social situations, so how I would ever succeed in that field I don’t know.
I have run my financial aid dry trying to get through college. I hated every second of it, and I don’t want to start over for something new. I’ve found a love for coding though, even though I’m just starting out. I love figuring things out and putting the pieces together.
I’ve always been a computer person, and I built my own PC and have been modding games in very simple ways since then (think changing running speeds or need decay values, not scripting). I have repaired many people’s PCs from irrecoverable malware infections or corrupted Windows installations because it’s fun to reinstall Windows to me.
I’m off topic, but my point here is that I don’t know how to fix this. I’ve spent so much time focused on the wrong thing, when my passion for computers and coding has always been there. I can’t afford college but I worry that a bootcamp wouldn’t be enough (plus those are expensive too). I’m lost, need advice, and could use a friend (PM me for my discord if you’d like!)

TLDR: I went to college for the wrong thing but I’m still young so I have time to fix it, but don’t know what that looks like. Also I’m poor. Also also I need reassurance right now.

Hey, you’re young, you’re qualified, highly-motivated and passionate about something which you’re clearly very good at.

You can learn to be a software engineer (or associated disciplines) without having to spend a fortune on courses, bootcamps etc.

I’ve been learning (very much part-time) for almost three years now and the only money I have spent so far is on buying myself a new laptop when I started out.

The curriculum here is brilliant, engaging and will give you a solid foundation for your future career. Best of all, it’s free!

Like you (and many millions of other people right now), I have no disposable income and I’m struggling through the global economic crisis, but I’m hoping that I will soon secure gainful employment in this field, which will be financially and intellectually rewarding.

When I do, I’ll be donating a portion of my income to FCC, to support what I think is a fantastic resource and a welcoming, supportive and thriving community.


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