20 Hours later! Bootstrap/Jquery/Flexbox & Lazyload oh i learned a lot. Feedback please

hi Yall.

here we go :slight_smile:

[personal page[

any advice always welcome,

I started using bootstrap, but quickly found out that bootstrap is not the way to go, better to use flexbox… but it was kinda late, so the site contains a mash up of:

jquery lazyload

i learned a lot, must have spend 20 hours creating this in total, this includes a lot of time learning and watching youtube videos, udemy courses and asking questions on gitter.

Absolutely no copy and pasting!



hi guys, would really like some feedback so i can move forward.

It’s look’s very nice dude!, i started the course yesterday, its so easy! i hope i can do that too :smiley: see ya

First off, congrats dude! You’ve done a great job!
One thing I noticed was this:

For some reason, your footer gets cuts off.

Hey Ricki,

Great site! You’re off to a great start. I like the style of writing, it’s very engaging and shows your personality! :sunglasses:

One tip is that in Codepen you can put your header links into the HTML settings tab, similar to how you added your JS files. I’ve added a screenshot below, Hope it loads properly.

Anyway good luck and remember to code every day!

Bootstrap 4 (which is in Alpha, at the moment) offers a grid based on flexbox. I’m using it on a site I’m working on now.

Just FYI. :slight_smile:

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Nice site, why inline script? WHY?!!! Everything* looks smushed (code).

yes i could link rel the js code to another js file. but was using a IDE rather than cloud9… point of this project was to get a working personal site… clean code will be learned step by step.

although i still need to learn about positioning, and clear css.

thanks for all your feebdback.