2018 New Coder Survey

Hey everyone, we’re going to kick off our 2018 New Coder Survey on Friday morning.

When you get 5 minutes, please take the survey. Let me know if you notice any typos, bugs, or questions that seem unclear.

Last year we had 20,000 respondents, which lead to a huge open dataset that researchers and data scientists could use to understand how people are learning to code. This year, we’re hoping to get even more results.

Thanks for your time. Here’s the link: https://fcc.im/2018-new-coder-survey

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I always waffle on filling this out because my use of FCC is atypical. This year I went for it. I wonder if the employment status question should allow multiple selection?

Would have liked to select more than 1 options for “would you prefer to… work for…xxx”

On question 8. Why is there an option labeled G) Choice 7? Hmmm…

What happened to question 10?

I’ll be back to fill it out later!

Thanks for catching that typo about “choice 7” - I’ve fixed it :slight_smile:

Welcome… the QA Tester in me came out :wink:

(work experience …)

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Well we could use a lot more of that QA insight from you. If you see anything that doesn’t look right anywhere, let us know by opening a GitHub issue. freeCodeCamp.org is very much a work in process, and we are still early days :slight_smile:

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Hi, in my personal opinion, the survey is biased. It automatically assumes, that each camper intends to pursue a developer job (question nº2), and some following questions may not be on point for every survey respondent. Besides that, it’s good :slight_smile:
PS: there wasn’t a comment section after submitting my answers so I decided to post here.