2020 Goal - Get a job at Uber - Progress/Accountability Log From The Start

I did just want to point out that there is such a thing as quality over quantity when it comes to time spent coding and learning. I’d say don’t push it too hard or you may burn out or just not get as much out of it as you think you are. And remember to take breaks, it’s important.

Good luck and happy coding.

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what’s your goal for rest and relax?
time spent doing nothing so your brain has time to recharge?
like really empty time, not distracted time
walking maybe, playing (like ping pong, football, tabletop games…)
quality time with people

this is as if not more important

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Thanks again for the replies guys. I didn’t get as much done today as I wanted too. In spare time I meditate, hit the gym or go for walks to let my mind recharge.

I finished the flexbox section today but I think I need to spend some more time on it to really understand it and how objects can be moved with it.

Tomorrow I will be working on watching some more tutorials on that and getting to the CSS grid section and starting the projects.

Time spent coding: 1.5 hours

I will do a more in depth update after tomorrow’s session.

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Keep it going!
Flexbox is my personal go to when it comes to CSS display. This helps learn the basics: https://flexboxfroggy.com/

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Thanks for that pjonp!

Update I am done the first 2 web design projects and doing the last 2 today.


Hey everyone, just to update on this. I still have been working away coding.

I will have a more firm update in a week or two.

Happy coding!

So just to give a quick update I am now moving on to Javascript. Future projects will implement Javascript in my Front End Development design.

Finished 50% of Javascript basic on FCC tonight.

My HTML/CSS/SASS has come along nicely. I will still be creating a couple websites a week to stay fresh while I learn Javascript.

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Here is a Mario racing game I made with just HTML/CSS. You will need a certain screen resolution as its not mobile friendly though. Specs down below.

LINK: https://dobs1993.github.io/dobs1993.github-io/

Screen Width: 1366 pixels
Screen Height: 768 pixels

My screen resolution which made the transitions from page to page and grabbing the power ups flawless and in sync are above The site hasn’t been modified or adjusted to other screen sizes or devices. So the power ups don’t look very smooth or in line at all on other screen sizes. The player icons may not even be in line with the track on most devices…so keep in mind.

I have been doing little projects like these as well as a lot of website creation and getting used to all things HTML/CSS/SASS. Now JavaScript will be added in as well.

Here is another project. The goal was to create a website clone of one of my favorite teachers outside of FCC. Brad Traversy. He produces great content and I liked the look of his site, so I decided to clone his website and to not look at any of his source code. Here is where I’m at. Remember no media queries added so far. Some other things I haven’t learned yet like some of the Javascript on his original page. Lastly the images aren’t optimized for site speed.

HIS SITE : https://www.traversymedia.com/
MY CLONE: https://loving-borg-f482ab.netlify.app/


Hey guys, just a quick post. Did up the Youtube Nav bar and made it responsive over the last couple hours. I’m sure this would take some of you literally 10mins lol but I just wanted to post and gather some pointers for next time. It should be fully responsive as well.

LINK: https://heuristic-wozniak-edb4df.netlify.app/#

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Hey guys,

Update: Still working away. Learning Javascript and getting a better hang of things every single day.

Just made a simple progress bar as I heard it was an interview question one might get.

See everyone down the line.

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Hey Dobs,

keep up the good work!

Let us know if you want some feedback.


Hey Miku86,

Thanks for the reply. I am good right now. I will keep posting the projects in this thread and if you ever see anything that seems like it could use work let me know.

Thanks for looking out!

My latest project I made is a simple counter.

Check it out here: https://codepen.io/dobs93/pen/vYLqwgN

Github: https://github.com/dobs1993/Counter

My latest project I made is an etch-a-sketch. I did use a tutorial for some parts as I’m not to familiar with canvas and its methods available but I went ahead and coded most of the project myself and changed up the way the project was written using switch statements when the tutorial used other methods.

Check it out here: https://codepen.io/dobs93/pen/GRobbZy

Github: https://github.com/dobs1993/Etch-A-Sketch

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Hey, curious: are you planning to use these github uploads as part of a portfolio, when you do go up to apply for your desired job? Or are you just storing them there for the purpose of showing us?

I’m thinking about this from the point of view of having heard that git commits can help build a portfolio, but I don’t know if committing to one’s own project does.

Hope I’m not derailing your thread! I wish you the best of luck!


A bit of both! I will probably clean it up and remove weaker projects before I start applying though.

Thanks for the comment!

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This is great best of luck!


You’re doing great! Still being consistent after 7 months!

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Thanks for the comments you two! Look forward to saying I have a full time job in the near future. :grinning:

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