2023 WebDev Bootcamp Introductions, come say hello?

Hello and welcome!

We wanted to make some space in the leadup to the bootcamp by giving folks the chance to introduce themselves. Please be lovely and say hello to new people as they log in, trying to learn web development is a hard task and it will be easier if we support each other.

If you feel comfortable, sharing your country and why you’re taking the bootcamp is helpful for us to better understand what future learners might need from us!

:wave: Hi! I’m Jess. I’ve worked in tech for a long time but I don’t work with web development day to day. I love teaching because it lets me remind myself of the fundamental building blocks of the web, while talking to cool learners!

I live in the UK :uk: and speak English and Japanese. I want to do this bootcamp to review core skills and have a nice time. I have three weird cats and I like hiking!


Heyhey everyone! So excited to teach and learn alongside y’all.

I live in :austria:, speak Spanish, English and German. Learning web development keeps me fresh and up-to-date with how browser technologies work! I have a bossy dog and enjoy playing unusual music instruments :sparkles:


Hi, I am Uzma Khan from Pakistan. Learning frontend web development.


Hey, I am Debra. Am diving into coding after ages. My dogs love to sit with me in my home office…so they will love Bootcamp! :grin:


Hi i am Hari from India looking forward to learn and interact in bootcamp


Hello !
I’m 0wis from France. I have a diploma in mechanical engineering and I work in IT. I started the Free Code Camp Curriculum a few days ago to learn how to “get my hands dirty” and unlock new work opportunities. Learning front-end is really refreshing ! :star_struck:
I speak French and English and I will be happy to connect with fellow learners. :slight_smile:


Hey folks, great to meet you! I’m Vance, and my pronouns are they/them. I’m from the US.

I’m taking this bootcamp because I want to be able to help make websites for nonprofits I care about, run the website for my dad’s business, make portfolio pages for artist friends, etc! And also just because making websites is a fun way to express myself! And mayyybe somewhere down the line I wanna see if I can get freelance work doing it too.

I was actually part of this bootcamp last year too, but I didn’t finish the course, so I’m here to try again!



I am Jafran from Buffalo, NY. Here to checkout how a bootcamp works. I have audited two college level classes on coding, have taken the self learning route and built couple of side projects starting last September.

I would like to checkout the couchbase sessions and ask some questions along with the regular sessions.

Apart from that I like learning new things, enjoy new food and hike.


Hi :slightly_smiling_face:, my name Jordan Junior from Cameroon.
I have been learning web development Techs for some time now and I need to see how much work I have done already as compared to industrial standards.
Also, I would like to know how much work I’m still left to do, in order to have the minimum requirements to get an entry level job in this field.


Hello, my name is Jake from Wisconsin, U.S.

I am looking forward to this month-long Boot Camp, where I can prove to myself that I can code. I have tried several times in the past, but have had difficulty with being consistent and following through.

Thank you for setting this up and taking time out of your busy schedule to teach us. I look forward to working with and getting to know everyone.


my name is masood shalele from nigeria.
i 'm currently studying computer science and i’m junior i will love to spend time enjoying this bootcamp


Hello everyone!

I am Prakirth from Finland. Originally from India. I speak English, Finnish, Hindi, Telugu. Happy to connect and enjoy the learning journey with fellow learners!

I am a doctoral drop-out and have been experimenting with my interests in programming and reached a conclusion that Software Developer is what I want to be :heart_eyes:

I too have similar preferences as @JordanJunior to know where I stand in the industry for an entry-level job, since I have just changed my entire career track. And like @caesiumtea, I have been on this break-learning journey since 2020. Hope to nail it this year.

I have 2 wonderful cats, love running, reading and chocolate! :chocolate_bar:


Hello I am Brown-Okezie Jonathan, Nigerian. I delved into IT 20 months ago ( Frontend and Backend development). I am enthusiastic about this bootcamp so as to connect with other developers and programmers, learn new tech skills and interact with the Freecodecamp community. I build websites here in Nigeria for profit and non-profit organizations, and would be looking forward to working on any open source projects or gigs.


Hello, everyone. My name is wanlu. I come frome China. In the furture, I wanna become a front-end developer.


HI i am Saifullah from Nigeria, nice to meet you all


Hello , everyone. My name is Vivek Rawat. I am from India. I want to become a developer…


Hello, I am Karan from India. Started learning coding a while ago.
Right now I am exploring the Tech Industry.
Would be awesome to learn along so many minds.


Hi, my name is Grace.

I live in Australia.

I have a degree majoring in Chemistry and minor in Computer Science, and my dream job is to become a cosmetic chemist. I recently found out that I’m autistic, and have been wanting to go back to school for a while.

I’m joining this bootcamp to learn essential tech skills, and I really enjoy having a structure the schedule gives me :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


welcome! enjoy learning here :slight_smile:


Welcome to the community.
Happy coding…