25 + 5 Clock Breaks During Tests But Seemingly Works for Me?

Hi. My 25 + 5 clock seems to work just as described if I mess around with it on my own. However, when I run the tests, something breaks and about half of the tests fail. Some fail even though I really don’t think they should, including basic functionality such as the increment and decrement buttons. By the time the tests are done running, the clock is left in a constant state of counting down and the stop/start and reset buttons don’t work correctly. I can’t replicate this behavior just using the clock on my own.

I’m guessing something in my code just isn’t coded correctly work with the tests, but I am having trouble pinpointing what that might be.

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Hi Tom, welcome to the forum. One thing I notice with your clock is that if I start it and pause it before one second is elapsed I can do this ad nauseum and the time doesn’t budge. This means your state isn’t keeping track of actual time elapsed. I don’t know if this is relevant to the tests failing, though. At which point do your tests start failing? Do you have a reference number of some kind?

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