25 + 5 Clock failing tests

I need help troubleshooting my project and figuring out why It isnt working. From what I can tell, the project does everything it is supposed to be doing. “Timer not reaching 00” seems to be the biggest problem. However, from watching it and tests it does reach 00 and work fine.

Any help would be appreciated

Looked at the code for 10 minutes and is very messy, tried to look for the error but is hard to follow with no comments and a lot going on

That’s because first thing the tests do is to click - button until timer shows "0:00". Try to do it manually and see what you get.

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the break and timer buttons dont let you set the timer to =< 0. Test 6 says " I should not be able to set a session or break length to <= 0" so i made it so the lowest the buttons let you set the time to is ‘01:00’. However, the timer does display 00:00 before displaying ‘Next Session/Break’ and playing the sound.

Yeah, I misread the test case. It actually sets both intervals to “1” and then runs the timer.

I’m not sure why this test is failing, because even if I hardcode the value to “00:00” it still fails with the same error :man_shrugging:

I dont have any real proof other than suspicion but i believe my custom time handling class might be the reason since they probably just expected people to use the built in date functions

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