25 + 5 Clock Feedback Requested!

Hello fellow campers!

I just finished my 25 + 5 (Pomodoro) clock as part of the front-end libraries certification! I’d love to get some feedback on my work. Please check out the project on Codepen.

Thanks in advance!

  • Lisa

It passes all the tests so good job there!

But it’s not mobile friendly for phones. The app scrolls horizontally which is not the best experience on a phone or small screen. That’s one thing to work on.

These days everything needs to be mobile friendly. The major browsers have responsive mode to help with this.

The second thing is just an opinion (I guess as the first was also) and depends on how you want your app to function - which is up to you:
When the timer is running you can’t adjust break or work time, you have to pause to adjust either. I would at least like to adjust, for example, the break time while the work time was counting down and vise versa. And/or increment or decrement the time remaining for the current session. The second thing is my opinion on user experience only and obviously not required for the challenge. But if you wanted to implement it for further learning it is something you could do.

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