25+5 Clock - Feedback


Just finished the 25+5 (Pomodoro) Clock project. Any feedback is appreciated. Thank you!

Link: https://codesandbox.io/s/pomodoro-clock-fcc-dyps0?file=/src/App.js

It works.
I wanted to change the durations by tying in the minutes where the time is displayed, but I had to click many times on the up and down arrows.

I like the colour change when the timer run down to zero.

Thanks for the feedback.
I’ll try to make it an input field upon clicking or allow for increasing/decreasing the timer while holding the click or scrolling.

Edit: I have now added the ability to change the timer using mouse wheel or by typing the number in. However, with the input field, it now accepts 0 as duration. I’m having trouble displaying nothing in the field when the number is deleted entirely, while keeping the state to be a minimum of 1 minute. Anyone has any suggestion on how to do it?