25+5 Clock - Help. expected 0 to be above 0 - SOLVED sorta

Hi all!

I’m working on the 25+5 clock and I am currently passing 26/29. The 3 i fail all show similar reasons. I didn’t have any of these issues originally :frowning:

here is a link to my project on codepen: https://codepen.io/Malik_Mortis/pen/qBRJQeO

These have been updated (5/9/21 2:45 EDT)

  • 9 shows: 25 + 5 clock has started but time displayed is not changing : expected 0 to be above 0
  • 10 shows: 25 + 5 has started but time displayed is not changing: expected ‘00’ to not equal ‘00’
  • 11 shows: 25 + 5 clock has started but time displayed is not changing: expected ‘00’ to not equal ‘00’

specifically tests: it now fails 9, 10, and 11

NOTE: it is currently pretty ugly, i like to pretty it up once it actually works, and controls on audio are visible for testing

Please Help! This is getting sooooo frustrating :rage:

UPDATE 1: My current thinking is that the timer doesn’t start with the starting time… ex: 5min break goes from 00:00 to 4:59; I’m working on changing how it works, in hopes it solves the issue

UPDATE 2: I changed some things, solving most of my issues, all of the timer has not reached 0, but now i fail 9 10 and 11… error message updated

FINAL UPDATE: I changed how my clock works completely. twotani made me realize i could just decrement a set time instead of using date. I had to start over but it simplified my code and I finally pass everything!
clock pass

here is my new version: version 2.0

I had a similar issue, and I share your frustration. What is happening, I believe, is that the timer did not lapse 1 second for showing the value of 0. In other words, display of all non-zeroes stayed on the display for one second, but the display of 0 disappears immediately. I solved the problem by changing my countdown function to

const countdown = () => {
  if (timeLeft < 0) switchClock();

Initially I tested for timeLeft == 0 to switchClock() and then decrement the counter. By changing the code to decrementing the timeLeft counter before test and testing it for < 0 makes the display of 0 stay for one second.
I hope this helps. Also, when I had a problem, the tests ran for a long time because I think they repeatedly ran the same tests. If there’s no problem, the tests will complete fairly quickly.

Thank you for responding and trying to help!

To make sure I am understanding, you are saying you believe the issue is that my 00:00 does not display long enough?

Yes, that’s what I suspect, since that was the case for me.

Interesting, I’m fiddling with something of the sort now


thank you so much @twotani . Your example helped me solve and issue but more importantly made me realize there was a simpler way of doing things…

Instead of using date as endtime = date + timer etc… i just use endTime ## and decrement by 1000 milliseconds (could use seconds but i like to stick to milliseconds since that is what interval uses)

Yay. Cheers!

That error was really frustrating. Glad to hear your coding is working now.

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