25+5 Clock -- How to Debug Last Two Tests?

Hello all,

Working on the 25+5 clock (only function, not style yet). Having issues with two final tests, both of which appear to pass but are not (like a lot of folks).

The project is hosted here: https://relaxed-genie-dc2702.netlify.app/

and my github repo is here: GitHub - brentonhaerr/pomo-clock

The tests that are not passing are:

Timer has reached zero but didn't switch back to Session time.: expected 'Break' to not equal 'Break'


Timer has reached zero but audio is not playing while it should.: expected true to be false

The closest issue report I’ve seen is this one: 25+5 Clock works as expected, but fails User Story #26 - #3 by sdnorris, but setting the alarm to trigger at the start of the 00:00 time did not resolve my issues, and neither did forcing the switch to occur after the audio had concluded playing.

I’m looking at the tests from the FCC github account, but nothing strikes me as being something I’m missing. I tried downloading the repo so that I could add a few more lines to the test suite to see what values it’s finding, but I can’t figure out how to actually integrate that modified test suite into my app either.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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