25+5 clock not passing tests

hello. i am still trying to complete the 25+5 clock. it is counting down in the mm:ss format but i am still failing the tests. it is pausing when is press pause and running when i play but i am still passing only 19 tests. what are the problems? and the element with id time left is displaying mm:ss but the tests are saying otherwise. this is the link to the codes

i’m just playing with your pen and I can’t get it to show me break of 5 minutes (it seems to always reset to 25)
The error you are getting says:
“…the value within id=“break-length” should return to 5…”
So I would start there to see why the break length doesn’t reset to 5.

I have same problem in this test, but my case is other. I think is format data. does anyone see the problem, thank you so much!

My code

well, i rectified the issues but im now one test away from passing. getting this error “Timer has reached zero but audio is not playing while it should.: expected true to be false
AssertionError: Timer has reached zero but audio is not playing while it should.: expected true to be false”
heres the link https://codepen.io/ahmusa/pen/wvmZZpp

Your audio does not play until the next timer starts. It should play at the same time the timer hits 00:00.

well, ive updated it now and its still failing tests

ive set the beep to play here between the render and the return method. This is

let audio=new Audio(“https://raw.githubusercontent.com/freeCodeCamp/cdn/master/build/testable-projects-fcc/audio/BeepSound.wav”)
if(this.state.counter==0 && this .state.count==0){

https://codepen.io/ahmusa/pen/wvmZZpp forgot to save

Why do you start setInterval before the Start button has been clicked? This explains why the sound playing is still not in sync when the timer reaches 00:00. Also, you end up with multiple timers running because you never clear them when the pause button or stop button has been clicked. You need to rethink your app design here and only start and clear the interval once the applicable buttons are clicked.