25+5 Clock - Obscure hints after tests (12,13 and 15)

Hello coders, I found a lot of questions on the forum about this test, but It is hard for me to figure out what is happening to my code. I am failing tests 12-13 and 15.

12- What does means that id=‘timer-label’ returns ‘bad string 5:00’? ‘timer-label’ is displaying {this.timerName} that I checked on the console and It is always ‘session’ or ‘break’, not ‘5:00’.

Similar situation for 13 and 15.

Do you have some hints for me and others to pass these tests?
Thank you for your time reading me

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Challenge: Front End Development Libraries Projects - Build a 25 + 5 Clock

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You have to pad the minutes as well (as you are doing it with the seconds).

You are completely right. When the session timer ends, it changes to the break timer which is ‘5:00’ and not ‘05:00’. That is the reason I was not passing the tests. 29/29

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