25 + 5 Clock - Reset Works But Test Not Passing


Basically what the title says. I am using React and Redux in this challenge.
Here’s my Codepen for reference:
25 + 5 Clock Project

I have a React component called ControlPanel (starting on line 430) that contains the button with id="start_stop and play and pause icons and the button with the refresh icon with id="reset. The click event on the reset button is passed the this.resetAll function, which is defined on line 436. resetAll() includes all the Redux dispatches to reset the break and session length, to update the time shown in the Timer component, and set the active type of the timer (either session or break). resetAll() also uses Timers 's pauseTime().

When I change session or break lengths and run the timer, and then click the reset button, I see all the default values returning and the timer stopping.

Why isn’t the test case passing?

Thank you in advance for any help.

Thanks for advising me on the console and pointing out that class should be className. Although I find it odd that the styling was still updated when I used class.

The issue with the reset, which kept giving me the Minified Redux Error #14, was with the reset dispatch. It seems that Redux didn’t like the additional value that was provided to revert to the default. Instead, I had the reducer return the default value that was passed to it as an argument.

Thanks again!

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