25 + 5 Clock Tests Problem

Ok, I know, that there are many topics here with the same problem, but those didn’t help… I’m trying to pass the

25 + 5 Clock Challenge

and I can’t pass Timer tests (Timer doesn’t reach 00:00, but actually it does). I’m completely lost. Was trying to fix the issue for 2 days long, but still can’t figure out the solution. Also I’ve tried to make timer work using Date, but the problem is still there.

Here is my project - 25 + 5 Clock React

What am I doing wrong?

Ok, I fixed it! So the problem was in the this.state.timeLeft property in which I stored the amount of seconds left til timeout. I was rendering it’s value (formatted) to the element with id time-left. Although it was reaching zero if u just look at it, actually it never was really zero. So I’ve added “minutes” and “seconds” to the state object and rendered them instead of timeLeft property. It works now!