25 + 5 Clock won't pass the tests

Hello guys,

I am beginner with coding and I’ve finished the 25 + 5 clock, but for some reason it won’t complete the tests… I have trimmed my code a lot already, removed some features and at this point I have no idea how else I could improve it without rewriting it from the scratch basically. If anyone would have some time to give me some feedback how I could adjust my app so it would pass all the tests and perhaps some general advices that I could use to optimize my writing, I would be forever grateful!

This is my app: https://codepen.io/ryonu/pen/XWVZaGZ

I decided to rewrite the app a little. I took everything out of the componentDidUpdate and created a loop between the functions. Now it works pretty well =)
If anyone is interested here’s the result: https://codepen.io/ryonu/pen/NWXzrqd

Still any feedback is welcome!

Thanks to anyone who took a look into my messy code!

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