25+5 Clock working but failing tests

Hi there! I’m hoping someone can give some advice. I have finished programming my 25+5 clock (haven’t started styling it yet though) and when I run the tests myself they seem to work. However, I am only passing 18/29 of them in the FCC test suite.

Here is my codepen: https://codepen.io/scott-a-m/pen/ZEKLYgr?editors=0010

I basically receive two error messages :

  1. i.exec(…) is null received for the following tests - Content: 8. Timer: 8; 9; 10; 11.

  2. Timer has not reached 00:00 received for the following tests - Timer: 1; 12; 13; 14; 15. Audio: 1.

I’m not really sure what the first error message means. In regards to the second one, originally I was not hitting 00:00. But after reading kevcomedia’s post - https://forum.freecodecamp.org/t/pomodoro-clock-tests-fail-timer-has-not-reached-00-00-but-my-timer-reach-00-00/309278 - I allowed for the extra one second deduction before switching timers to reach 00:00. However, I am still receiving the error messages.

If anyone can assist it would be much appreciated. Thanks! :grinning:

the majority of your errors originate from the extra <p id="time-left"></p> you have in <div id="session">, right below <p id="session-length">.

I will update when/if I can find out the cause of your other error.

Thanks so much for pointing this out. I feel a bit silly for missing this but it does show how one can miss such obvious errors and how having another pair of eyes to examine code can be very helpful . There are a few tests still failing and I will give them a good look over again.

I’m now passing 27 of 29 tests. The two errors I get are for:

Timer 9: If the timer is running, the element with the id of “time-left” should display the remaining time in mm:ss format (decrementing by a value of 1 and updating the display every 1000ms).

error message - 25 + 5 clock has started but time displayed is not changing : expected 0 to be above 0

Timer 13: When a session countdown reaches zero (NOTE: timer MUST reach 00:00), a new break countdown should begin, counting down from the value currently displayed in the id=“break-length” element.

error message - Timer has reached zero but didn’t switch to Break time: expected ‘Session’ to not equal ‘Session’

I’ve done both these tests manually and they pass, so not sure why these errors are still occurring.

Has anyone got any ideas…?