25 + 5 clock, works perfectly fine but is failing 17 of 29 tests

So i have spent the last day building the last project of the Front End Libraries Course. It works perfectly fine, just like in the examples, but 17 out of 29 tests fail.

Have to say i am a little frustrated by fcc’s buggy, stupid and inflexible test suite. If they would show at least meaningful errors, but the errors they give you make absolutely no sense.

cool ui, btw im not sure why is there so many “fail” test cases

could it be due to “type mismatch”?! all those errors seems like it’s not getting “value” as expected!!

also timer “value” transitions starts from “1:00 - 0:00” which means it’s counting to 61?! is it not?!

maybe give each component a keener eye, i’m sure you can find it why it’s happening, those error messages are key for that, good luck and happy coding :slight_smile:

i feel bad for you as it does seem that your timer is working perfectly and the errors aren’t pointing to any specific clear thing that can be observed (by the naked eye anyways, nor by developer tools!)

I hope someone can help…

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