25 + 5 clock, works perfectly fine but is failing 17 of 29 tests

So i have spent two days building the last project of the Front End Libraries Course. It works fine, just like in the examples, but 17 out of 29 tests fail. I’m about to give up this whole certificate and feel a little bit cheated. I know i didn’t pay any money for this (pretty bad) course but i worked my way through it, went through a lot of frustration, just to find out that my last project doesn’t get accepted. Even though it works perfectly fine:

Is someone maybe willing to just send me his working code? So i can at least get the certificate. I don’t see myself spending another 2 days on trying to make the project work for fcc’s buggy, stupid and inflexible test suite. If they would show at least meaningful errors, but the errors they give you make absolutely no sense.