25 + 5 fails challenges that seem to be working

Hi there, I’m having some trouble passing some of the tests for the 25 + 5 clock. It’s functioning normally when you use it yourself, but the counters don’t seem to work when tested.

Here’s a link:

Also I haven’t put in the audio yet so it’ll fail on those.

Don’t really know what to do other than writing a new timer using Date().getTime().

Any ideas why it’s not working?



Hey there, welcome to the forum!

The first thing I see is here:

      <button onClick={this.click}>Play</button>
      <button id="start_stop" onClick={this.click2}>Pause</button>
      <button id="reset" onClick={this.click3}>Reset</button>

Your #start_stop element is your pause button, but it needs to be a single button that plays and pauses. The tests are clicking this expecting your timer to start, and it doesn’t.

!!! Oh my god, thanks so much, I’ve been looking at it for hours! Let’s see if that’s it

That was it exactly. Need to read all of the parts more carefully when I’m building things. Thanks for responding so quickly!

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Glad I could help! Happy coding!

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