25 + 5 : Timer has not reached 00:00

Hi everyone

i am trying to finish a proof of work/bare-bones version of the pomodoro clock.
i am having a stuburn test case(among others but i feel this one is the key to solving the rest) in which after i click “run test” to run the test cases, it automatically clicks the “up” button it expects the value to become 60 but mine just shows 26.

among the solution i tried is making sure that states are not mutated and using
setTime((prev) => prev + 1) instead of setTime(prev + 1).
but nothing seems to work

EDIT: thankfully i was able to solve that test case but now i am dealing with

Timer has not reached 00:00.

any clues on how to approach solving this problem?

EDİT 2 : never mind friends the problem has been solved it was a silly mistake …
basically i wrote 0 + mins instead of “0” + mins

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