25 y.o starting to study Web development


Let me present myself. My name is Rodrigo and I’m a mexican accountant living in México with 24 y.o.(25 this year)

I have been thinking about changing my career because I don´t really like the work spaces of public accountants. I love the math and logic in the numbers but I simply hate my career right now.

Well, as you probably had already guess, I don´t have any computer formation other than the use of the computer, office productivity tools, a little more knowledge that the average person about the Internet and the ability to tweak, format and install software to the computers of my acquaintances.

I´ve been struggling a lot about this and finally I decided to begin my journey in the world of web development. I began learning with Colt Steele Web Develoment Course but I notice the last update just added some videos with the original serie, and I felt he was getting corrected alot by his T.A. (frequently the T.A. made a note, before the actual video, saying Colt made some kind of mistake or incorrect syntax) and I decided to take the Angela Yu Complete Web Development course and decided to strengthen the course with the FreeCodeCamp Curriculum. I’ve been happy with it until I got to the C.V. part of the course and found out that the other students had more experience while being younger than me (some of them even had apps already published) and I just have some experience with html, css, a little of bootstrap and no work experience other than my accountant jobs.

My question is the following: Do you think I’m able to learn every neccesary ability to become a Web developer before I get older to compete with others with my same age? I’m a little skeptical about this. I have been thinking that there are a lot of people that began learning this more than 6 years ago, and that makes me a little sad. I don’t even know if I’ll be hired after I learn every neccesary subject. Also I know there are a lot of other posts with even more years than me but I just don’t know what to think. I have barely experience to get an OK job being an accountant in Mexico and it’s a little competitive (just in my city there are 7 universities with the accountant career) and if I fail in my journey to be a Developer I will be even more delayed in my accountant career.

Sorry for the long post and thanks for reading me!


I started learning when I was 47 and got a job when I was 49. Don’t worry about what people your age are doing or if you can catch up. The point is that you want to learn. You can learn and build a career. There is never any guarantee in life. But web development is an exploding field and it is expected to grow. There are a lot of jobs and not enough devs - but you’ll still have to work to get one.

What do you need? You need to work hard for a few years. You need to learn how to interview well. You have to build a good portfolio. You have to meet people and make good contacts. You need to build lots of things and keep learning. You need to never stop learning new things. You need to not give up. It helps if you have some aptitude. And you’ll need a little luck,

Do you like coding? Is it what you want to do? You’re 24, stop worrying about your age. Just work your ass off if it’s what you want. But if you aren’t committed than it may not work. You have to work your ass off and not give up. There are no guarantees, but the odds are in your favor. If you work your ass off and don’t give up. And learn and build things.


Hello Kevin! Thanks for the answer! My concern about the change is that I don’t have a great base of experience as an accountant or economically to take the risk but I understand what you are saying.

Do you recomend some kind of path or extra studying apart of the freecodecamp and the Course I mentioned? I want to study hard and create my portfolio as fast as posible, I can take the effort.

As long as you are studying and learning and building things, then you are on a correct path. There is not one correct path. Everything you learn is valuable. FCC is a good path. Other than a little computer programming decades ago in a different language, FCC was mainly what I used. I worked hard on the projects. I did a lot or side study, reading the documents, watching youtube videos, doing google searches, checking stack overflow, etc. But mainly I worked the FCC curriculum, using it as a framework. Once I was done with FCC, I just started building things and learning new libraries as I needed. When I applied for jobs, they were most interested in what I built.

This is not easy, but it is doable. Don’t worry about fast - plan on at least two years.


I agree with Kevin. Work your way through FCC and supplement with cheap or free courses from Udacity, Coursera, EdX, Udemy, etc. Read voraciously, talk to your peers frequently, and build projects.

If you’ve been doing that for a while and feel as though you need something more, boot camps are a good option. But by the time you get to that point, you’ll have done enough work to know whether this is something you really want to do and you should have a very good idea of whether the financial risk is worth it.


Thank you! Sorry for the late response!

Yay! Its cool to hear someone my age feel the same way I feel lol :sweat_smile: I haven’t even made it into what you’d call a ‘career’ in anything yet because I always felt like I was behind, but with programming, I know there are manyyyy people that are older than me who are making the change.

Yeah, seeing people on YouTube who are around our age be successful in their coding careers makes me sad too, and really discouraged because they went to college and studied all of this for real, but I also like not going the traditional route. Not only is it saving me lots of money, but I’m seeing the results because of ME. I am my teacher (sorta) AND student, and I actually feel proud of myself when I complete a project.

There are some posts in this You Can Do This! section about newbie discords/social groups that basically rally everyone up to keep pushing and learning. It might be a good place to also join so you stay motivated and don’t feel like you’re at the bottom of the barrel. At least you got Bootstrap! lol, I’m still trying to make sure I really understand most of CSS!

I hope this made you feel less alone. I get really down about myself too, feeling like this isn’t for me and ‘Who am I kidding? I never really paid attention to technology and computer programming before. Why am I doing this??’ But what I want out of this career choice is freedom for my life and the life of my loved ones. It’ll be different for you, but I hope you figure it out and make that what pushes you even more :smile:


This is EXACTLY what I needed to read.

I haven’t even made it into what you’d call a ‘career’ in anything yet because I always felt like I was behind

My acquainces are beginning or scalating fast in their loved careers while I’m here starting to program. I feel better knowing that there is a community with maybe the same feelings than me but still fight for their goals and dreams! Motivating!


Man, when I was in high school, I wanted to be a dancer and/or an paleo-anthropologist/archaeologist, but I let a lot of people tell me on my way to college that there was no money, no jobs, no growth in those careers. So I decided to go into international relations b/c I thought, hey, maybe I can still travel and work with people/study people…Then I learned what an international relations person ACTUALLY does and I said nah, I guess international business because then I could travel and still make money…Nah, business isn’t really for me.

For the past like 2-3 years, I just didn’t know what I wanted. I worked for one job after another, no money to go back to school to actually pursue my dream jobs. Also, I was 23/24, I felt like if I were to go back, I’d have to start ALL over, which would take another 4ish years, leaving me at 29ish at entry level in job fields that truly don’t have much growth because there really isn’t much need for people digging into the earth lol :sweat_smile:

So I was really depressed. I just didn’t care what I did, even though I really did, and I felt extremely stuck and anxious. My boyfriend really pushed me to start looking at careers that pay well, but I can do on my own. He’s a self-taught music producer, so I knew it was possible, but I was pretty intimidated and felt like a loser. When I came across coding, it seemed interesting, but boring as well lol. I talked to my dad more about it b/c he’s already in IT and he supported it too. My other family members are still thinking I’m gunna start this and not finish so they’re whatever. But here I am, still doing it after 5ish months. And I plan on learning so much more and proving myself to myself!

So yeah man, you can definitely do it. It’s gunna take time, and we aren’t gunna be the youngest people at the interviews and on the payroll, but you can’t blame them or yourself. Time takes time. We all got different clocks. Sorry if that was a lot and a bit tmi, but I finally feel good where I am because I actually see a future for myself :slight_smile:


Congratulations! This is a serious first step and the beginning of something very exciting. But it can be very difficult.
Try a bit of everything, and then choose a specialization.
Money is not the most important thing. You need to LOVE your occupation! But you won’t know what you like until you try. Find your passion and then monetize it

You are well done!


I was very excited about your testimony. I am 25 years old (almost 26) and after leaving two college courses (Law and Administration), I realized that during all this time I was an entrepreneur and a creator above all and that no stable career caught my eye. :eyes: I was approved in a public contest in Brazil and did not follow the career, I left my first job because I wanted to study Administration and not Engineering … Anyway, a lot of information for a single post.

Last year, I was coming back from a internship interview at the multinational of my dreams when I saw the announcement of an event in the same neighborhood where I was (in São Paulo, Brazil) and guess what: it was the inauguration of a programming school :computer: (Digital House, that already had a unit in Buenos Aires) and there I was, without ever having programmed my own life.

Let’s face it: today I know that programming is the answer to execute many of the projects that I have (many even!) and, through them, I hope to change the world in the areas of healthy eating, mobility, public services, etc. I want to learn as best I can - working on other people’s projects - and after that invite the best in my network to share my ideas. I hope that in the future many of these forum participants can get to know each other personally and even work together! #cheers from Brazil :brazil: