2nd Month as DATABASE developer after self teaching for 1 year

Hey People, I am working as a Database developer using SQL and Informatica, Unix for largest burger brand in the world. I struggled for almost 1 year teaching myself and watching bootcamp videos and youtube tutorials and now I am working fine. I was very happy to get the job and I feel like my life turned around 180 percent. For those who are still afraid of going into interviews talk to me I am here to make suggestions. Happy Coding…


Hi @b.kanlibicak Welcome to the FCC forums! :smile:

What does an interview for a database dev/engineer/admin look like? Is it any different then the average programmer interview? I know there are a lot of differences between all the database vendors, so does stuff like specific experience with specific vendors matter much when learning? Finally, what does a day as a database developer look like?

Thanks :smile:

Hi and congrats.

How much did you learn… did you have a fully prepared portfolio with projects too

I did not really know any vendor at the time. It is very similar to programmer interview I would say. Most of the time 3 people interviews and usually video interviews so stress levels are same for a new starter. Day to day analyzing data and doing data quality checks via SQL and creating integrations and jobs thru other tools like informatica.

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