2nd Project - Build a Personal Portfolio Webpage

Hi, I have completed the 2nd project and i’ll be very happy to receive feedback on this project to help improve my learning.
Here’s the link https://codepen.io/epaitoo/pen/gebLbR
Thanks very much!!!

It is fantastic @epaitoo

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WoW love it so much!!!

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Wow, it looks amazing dude, nice job!

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It looks pretty good. My only advice is the background doesnt work on the contact area. it’s hard to read the writing you have there. other than that its great though

Looks great! Here is some “code review for you”


  • Header - don’t need an extra div for the text-center, maybe add to the parent. Don’t need section and header, just a header is fine.
  • Footer - make email link also, add a background to github logo

Thanks very much, i’ll certainly work on that

Alright, thanks very much for your feedback, i’ll work on that right away

It’s done you can revisit to check it out

Looks good.

2 things:

Use an opacity black background so that you can read it.The 0.6 is how much opacity the color should be from 0 (clear) - 1 (solid)

.fa-github {
  background: rgba(0,0,0,0.6);
  color: slategrey;

Also, you still have something that’s causing your links to be underlined in your logos. Try getting one more step of specificity to remove the underline.


a.fa {
  text-decoration: none;

Looking good!~

Thanks very much. I appreciate it.