2nd project Responsive Design

Hey Coders,

I am doing my 2nd project and when I run it, I see only 7/17. I can not really see what I did wrong precisely. I already did “Analyze HTML” and " Analyze CSS".

Already thanks for your help coders.

Hi @Mr.P, when you see the 7/17 you can click on the red button and scroll to see the failing tests with a brief explanation of why the test is failing.
For example, the first failing test says;

I can see a <form> with id="survey-form".
There should be an element with id="survey-form" : expected null to not equal null

and if you look at your code you have
<form id="survey form"> See the typo?

Thanks Roma

Can you explain? I only fixed one problem and all the other problems are also then fixed.

Any recommandations?

The other failures were based on that form element. Correcting it resolved for all.

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